Website Design St. Louis Mo

Web design for Wordpress and Joomla platforms, Vue reactive applications, and branded graphics design are completely custom for projects seen below. This is only a sample list of recent projects under way at Shortcut Solutions.

Client side coding

Ajax, Asynchronous JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 Latest HTML proposed standard combined with the latest proposed standard for CSS natively supports much of the client-side functionality. For more advanced sites and applications, Angular and 




Previously Completed:

Senior Service Resources   - Helping Seniors and the Elderly 

Line Of Duty   - Reality Based Police Officer Training Videos 

Experience On Demand  - Business Coaching and Marketing Strategy

TpMorgan and Associates - Online Pre Employment Screening St Louis

Cardinal Surveying & Maps  - Land Surveyors in St. Charles Mo

Black Entrepreneurs Incorporated -

Life Counseling Centers -

Pinnacle Lake Estates -

Richard Duree Entrepreneur -


St Charles Real Estate Today - Homes for sale in St. Charles Mo

At Home Real Estate Services - Homes for rent in Springfield Mo

St. Louis Roofing & Siding  - Siding Contractors in St. Louis Mo